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Exotic Skins for Leathercraft
Handbags, clutches, belts, travel bags. We stock most species in various sizes for your project from sampling to annual production.
Exotic Skins for Garments
Garment projects can be extremely frustrating when skins are not the correct size or tanned specifically for garment manufacturing. Skins should be less than 1mm in thickness and have a significant amount of horizontal stretch, if not you will end up investing in a nonfunctional piece or collection. From Jackets, shorts, pants, skirts, tee shirts or even accented trim Roje specializes in stocking garment tanned alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and python skins specifically tanned for a seamless project. Alligator and crocodile skin jackets tend to be the most popular as the larger the animals the larger their skin, which covers more area with less seams and joints. We prefer not to sell less than 4 47cm average alligator or crocodile skins per color for women’s and 5 skins per color for men’s as these are the minimum amount of alligator or crocodile skins needed for medium sized shorter jackets.
Let our 20 years of experience turn your concept into a reality with the finest hand selected ethically obtained exotic animal skins from around the globe. Chances are we will have the amount you need in a matching dye lot to ship right away. From shagreen waterfall tables, to ostrich skin ottomans, to crocodile skin director chairs. We stock what you need to inspire creativity in designers and clients working with designers who want to incorporate a sense of luxury and opulence in their homes and workplaces.
Working with Rojé means a strong attention to detail and customer service. We have facilitated hundreds of automotive projects. If you need a unique, luxury upholstery, we can provide and help you through the process of getting the right colors and finish for your working budget. From simple seat inserts to complete lizard interiors in a 1938 convertible Mercedes that won best in show in CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA CONCOURS.
Motorcycle enthusiasts love leather. And no other culture embodies the principles of freedom and design creativity like the motorcycle world. From Strugis to riding with your friends over a long weekend. Stand out and get noticed with a heavy dose of complements.

The most unique part of the connection between motorcycle culture and leather is that it is about the durability as much as the look. Rojé combines the best by providing not only durable leathers but brings the best quality exotic leather in the correct sizes for a unique custom look. Rojé will help you achieve that – your creativity is the limit; we’ll bring you the tools to develop something unrivaled. For the best tanned exotic leather hides and materials at the best prices, we are confident to tell you to skip the inexperienced inquire through us if you are past dreaming and ready to purchase.

Rojé is capable of importing the wholesale supply needed for large-scale production in commercial and residential developments needed for wall covering. Many designers have seen the value in enhancing their contracts by providing custom designs and colors using exotic skins and materials to develop a truly unique and high-end ambiance.

We are experienced in getting you the highest quality animal hides with the square footage you will need to complete the job.

This video also helps to inspire creativity in designers and clients working with designers who want to incorporate a sense of luxury and opulence in their homes and workplaces.