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Motorcycle enthusiasts love leather. And no other culture embodies the principles of freedom combined with design creativity like motorcycling.

The most unique part of the connection between motorcycle culture and leather is that it is about the durability as much as the look. Rojé combines the best by providing not only durable leathers, but brings the best quality exotic leather for a unique custom look. Rojé will help you achieve that – your creativity is the limit; we’ll bring you the tools to develop something unrivaled. For the best tanned exotic leather hides and materials at the best prices, we are confident to tell you to skip the inexperienced and ask us first.

We can provide for exotic leather biker clothing, boots, and bike seats. If you have other needs, we are enthusiastic to discuss your ideas and what we can do for you.

Place a wholesale exotic leather inquiry and we will contact you within one (1) business day, likely in a few hours. Please be very specific about Colors, Pattern sizes, estimated yield, number of skins, etc.

For immediate requests and needs, please call us directly at 303-747-4674

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