About Us

Rojé works from tens of millions in stocked finished exotic skins and crusts across 5 dedicated warehouses in the United States, several U.S. finishing tanneries, and 8 International tanneries. We are known for our ethics, quality, fair market prices, and rapid deliveries. All sampling wholesale orders arrive in 2-5 days for stocked skins and 30 days for custom colors/finishes in larger production orders from stocked crust.

Our portfolio of top manufacturers and designers in the United States and internationally has grown over the past 11 years we’ve done business. If we don’t stock what you are truly after, we can produce it for you within our vast network at fair market prices and low industry minimums. With a focus on larger sized skins needed in luxury handbag production, we specialize and stock the all-elusive 40cm up in handbag grades for most species needed for luxury handbag production.

We are a service-orientated wholesale distributor with a focus on customer’s needs. Our commitment to high quality standards, innovation, and creativity makes it necessary to provide only the finest, most durable and beautiful genuine exotic skins and furs for your project. We assist those ready on any stage of the production process with custom colors and designs; Please inquire now about incorporating your own unique ideas and designs with exotics.

Our visionary approach to service and luxury, a customer-centric service model, and our environmental ethics ensure top quality products and the proper safety of wildlife. We stand by our product and guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of every skin, hide, panel, crust, and fur plate. We do not engage in unscrupulous business practices and follow all state, federal and international laws regarding the sale of exotic leather. Our professionalism speaks for itself – our portfolio contains over a decade of experience brokering, importing, and exporting genuine exotic skins and fur. Let our knowledge and experience save you from the time and headaches of complex import/export regulations.

Rojé are pioneers not only in modern tanning, but modern technology; we emphasize the quality of our products and transparency of our business practices with stunning High Definition videos with industry-specific training and tools to ensure our customers make the best decision for their production needs. We are accessible, and if you found us, chances are it wasn’t by accident; Rojé is the authority on everything exotic leather and fur.

Do you ship to my country?

Every shipment with exotic skins, that leaves USA requires USFW inspection and/or CITEs export/re-export certificate.

For our international buyers we have NO minimum order requirements as long as all Fish and Wildlife fees and international shipping are covered by the recipient.

  1. NON-CITES species including: stingray, shark, ostrich, zebra and eel.
    • USFW inspection is $93.00/shipment
    • Paperwork processing $120.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver
  2. CITES species such as: Caiman, Nile Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, American Alligator, lizard and python. Fees:
    • USFW inspection $186.00/shipment
    • CITES certificate $75.00 for re-export and $100.00 for export (alligator only)
    • Paperwork processing $150.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver

    On average NON-CITES shipment will cost in $320.00 in fees and shipping, CITES shipment on average $650.00/shipment in fees.

    Customers that can order $5000.00 minimum for CITEs shipment or $2500.00 for NON CITEs are NOT charged for Fish and Wildlife fees.

Please contact Natasha@rojeleather.com if you ready to place an order or if you have any questions.

In addition, we will NOT ship to any US forwarding company that is not authorized to process Fish and Wildlife shipments. To insure that all rules and regulations are followed we process all international shipments in house or will send skins ONLY to US authorized licensed customs broker with an active USFW permit.