Interior Design

Exotic Leather for Wallcovering and Construction

Since ancient times, leather has been used to decorate the home. Many of the finest architects and home designers are giving their clientele the creative designs to demonstrate the most exquisite taste in the development of their home or business establishment.

Rojé is capable of importing the wholesale supply needed for large-scale production in commercial and residential developments needed for wall covering. Many designers have seen the value in enhancing their contracts by providing custom designs and colors using exotic skins and materials to develop a truly unique and high-end ambiance.

It is also important to note that exotic leather goes a long way to increase the luxury appeal of the final product. Even a simple exotic leather trim around a bar or a border for a wall greatly enhances the perceived value.

A few popular uses of exotic leather in construction:

  • Crocodile Skin Trimming (walls and bars)
  • Python Skin Trimming (Walls and bars)
  • Elephant Skin Canvases (for painting)
  • Stingray Skin Plywood Veneers

We are experienced in getting you the highest quality animal hides with the square footage you will need to complete the job. Please place an inquiry with some detail about what you’re looking for and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Place a wholesale exotic leather inquiry and we will contact you within one (1) business day, likely in a few hours. Please be very specific about Colors, Pattern sizes, estimated yield, number of skins, ect it will collectively save us both a lot of time. For immediate requests and needs, please call us directly at 1-800-810-1988

Do you ship to my country?

Every shipment with exotic skins, that leaves USA requires USFW inspection and/or CITEs export/re-export certificate.

For our international buyers we have NO minimum order requirements as long as all Fish and Wildlife fees and international shipping are covered by the recipient.

  1. NON-CITES species including: stingray, shark, ostrich, zebra and eel.
    • USFW inspection is $93.00/shipment
    • Paperwork processing $120.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver
  2. CITES species such as: Caiman, Nile Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, American Alligator, lizard and python. Fees:
    • USFW inspection $186.00/shipment
    • CITES certificate $75.00 for re-export and $100.00 for export (alligator only)
    • Paperwork processing $150.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver

    On average NON-CITES shipment will cost in $320.00 in fees and shipping, CITES shipment on average $650.00/shipment in fees.

    Customers that can order $5000.00 minimum for CITEs shipment or $2500.00 for NON CITEs are NOT charged for Fish and Wildlife fees.

Please contact if you ready to place an order or if you have any questions.

In addition, we will NOT ship to any US forwarding company that is not authorized to process Fish and Wildlife shipments. To insure that all rules and regulations are followed we process all international shipments in house or will send skins ONLY to US authorized licensed customs broker with an active USFW permit.