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Rojé began and continues to serve the global fashion industry with luxury exotic leather and fur. In the beginning of Rojé Group in 2002, exotic animal skin coats, handbags, apparel, footwear, and exotic leather accessories were designed and crafted to show the quality and sophistication that fashion connoisseurs appreciate.

Having traveled and networked everywhere from Hong Kong to Paris to New York to London to Milan, Rojé has a keen attention to the fashion industry that we have flourished and grown with, and even today we proudly serve a vast array of International clientele with the highest quality animal hides available at fair market prices.

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If you simply need material, or you are looking for prototypes, our collection of premium exotic leathers and our network of specialists will bring you what you need.

Place a wholesale exotic leather inquiry and we will contact you within one (1) business day, likely in a few hours. Please be very specific about Colors, Pattern sizes, estimated yield, number of skins, etc.

For immediate requests and needs, please call us directly at 303-747-4674.

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