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Private Label

We provide Private Label production (stamped with your name and logo) for designers, established brands, startups and boutique owners. Our clients have full flexibility to mix and match exotic skin colors, finishes and species to reach production minimums and get production discounts. We provide only the highest quality exotic skins and thousands of options in Italian hardware. Our American artisans will craft your designs or our designs, and if you are developing a brand new line, we can also consult with you to develop your patterns and samples to add to your line sheet.

We distinguish ourselves from the typical contractor by only producing luxury products from the highest quality exotic skins.

All shop rates include all necessary components for what defines a luxury bag:

  • Eight (8) stocked colors of top grain garment weight suede lining with eight (8) matching custom dyed zipper tape to our stocked luxury metal zippers (#5 & #8) in silver & gold tone.
  • Structural leathers
  • Magnets
  • Imported Italian matte edge paint
  • 24 Stocked Colors of High Tensile Strength Cotton Thread to Match or Juxtapose against Base Exotics Colors
  • Hundreds of U.S. Stocked Italian Hardware and over 2000 Non-Stocked to Order From (See catalogs below)

We have done all of the legwork to offer a completed product at an all-inclusive price point that eliminates the needs of waiting, duties and customs fees for imports, and the CITES regulations and laws for exotic skins that an importer/exporter must understand. We are now positioned to serve you with production finishing in less than 60 days at an all-inclusive price point to make it as easy as possible for you to complete your production. Bypassing the usual sketches, vinyl mock-ups and and pattern processes also means our clients get to see a finished bag faster.

Rojé Workshop and the members of our organization are producing an average of 3 new styles each week; we also provide design consulting services for paying clients. We also offer exclusive designs (Not currently available on Rojé Workshop or to other designers.

We have a high ethical standards for our work and maintain the confidence and privacy for the creative expression of our clients, something uncommon in international markets or third-world sweat shops which are not protected by U.S. laws.

Production Minimums

  • 1 – 5 bags per style – $75 per billable hour per bag
  • 6 – 11 bags per style – $60 per billable hour per bag
  • 12 – 23 bags per style – $55 per billable hour per bag
  • 24 bags or more per style – $50 per billable hour per bag

Note: SLG (small leather goods) have twice the minimums of handbags to qualify for production discounts and opening orders.

Production Time

Our average production time is less than 60 days from the time we finalize your Purchase Order and send your Pro Forma Invoice to collect a deposit; we only collect payments and deposits when a slot opens to guarantee 60 day delivery. We are a small artisan workshop and give priority to larger orders, however, we don’t bump long time smaller independent designers and will deliver everyone’s order in 60 days or less. We schedule our production slots to average 6 detailed handbags per week with a average production time of 16 hours per bag.

Getting Started

We start with a purchase order from your side submitted to workshop@rojeleather.com and then we submit your pro forma invoice. We request a 50% deposit to start production and the full balance is due only after completion, video confirmation of the merchandise on the day we ship your completed order.

Contact Us Today – (800) 810.1988 Ext. 104

Getting a Better Production Rate

Our workshop expenses/overhead are fixed rates. However, ordering a minimum of 6 bags in the same colored exotic skin increases our productivity, meaning we can produce exceptional work in less time. Switching thread colors and hand mixing multiple edge paint colors are time consuming processes; accommodating several colors and not a single color at once decreases production efficiency.

Typically, 2-18 hours are needed to hand cut and assemble each bag or SLG.

Minimum Orders for Stocked Bags at Wholesale Prices

Opening Orders are for 6 Bags or 12 SLG (small leather goods including clutches)

Wholesale Rates

Our Wholesale rate is 50% less than our online retail price.

For those who have the financial means to make a serious investment for their business, order 24 handbags or 48 SLG (small leather goods) as an opening order and discounts apply 2.5 less online retail prices. This also eliminates those with a common reseller permit to order personal retail bags at wholesale rates and is attractive for those opening boutiques in exclusive locations that need a variety to showcase and merchandise.

Create Your Own Style or Line

Our workshop offers exclusive pattern making services for designers, as well as established brands wanting unique styles and designs that remain original and not shared with other clients or boutiques domestically or internationally.

The process starts with submitting sketches, CAD, images, or sample bags for us to create a pattern or several patterns to accommodate a seasonal story or collection each season. Clients own these works exclusively and during the process we have a la carte options starting with just patterns or vinyl/cotton/canvas mock-ups that we send back to you for approval, to see if any changes need to be made to the bags functionality, shape, or specific areas of detail in question. Once approved, we continue on to create your patterns and end with shipping your completed patterns and or dummies, or leather bags, or full exotic skin bags.

Patterns are owned by you to do with as you please at any time. We only keep your patterns on file if we are producing handbags or SLG (small leather goods) for your line. We never hold your patterns hostage or ship incomplete patterns in an attempt to cause you or your contractor duress for not giving us the production order. We never attempt to hold your patterns as your sole producer because we realize not everyone can afford our precision artisan workmanship production rates, however can benefit from having the necessary tools to bring completed patterns and correctly made 1st samples for another contractor to follow.

Existing Patterns made previously/elsewhere: We can do your production with outside patterns. Note that all patterns are not created equal. If there are changes and or discrepancies that we have to fix or translate, our artisans will make those pattern adjustments at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

Pricing: Our pattern labor rates are slightly higher than average, however, this is one area where cutting corners isn’t recommended, no pun intended. Our lead pattern maker is one of the best in the United States with over 25 years’ experience and has produced thousands of highly detailed and symmetrical patterns.

An average pattern to mock-up to completed sample bags or clutches range from $375-$1250 per pattern depending on the complexity and time involved interpreting and creating patterns. Our goal is to gather as much information such as CAD, supportive images and or bags that you send us to modify to your specific specs. Over the years, we have found that clients get a lot closer to what they envision the first time when they are thorough in conveying each and every detail of the exterior as well as interior.

A La Carte Design Options:


  • Just patterns: $500
  • Patterns + cotton/canvas/vinyl dummies/mockups: $750
  • Patterns + making the first one in Leather (black or brown cow): $1000
  • Patterns + making the first one in Exotics: $1250 + cost of exotic skins

Clutches + SLG

  • Just patterns: $375
  • Patterns + cotton/canvas/vinyl dummies/mockups: $575
  • Patterns + making the first one in Leather (black or brown cow): $750
  • Patterns + making the first one in Exotics: $1000 + costs of exotic skins

Cut and Sew-Contract Manufacturing

We are not a cut and sew factory nor a contract manufacturer in which you source or bring us your cheaper material (exceptions made for linings or custom hardware and previously purchased skins from our parent company). We are an artisan workshop producing luxury leather goods from the world’s highest quality exotic skins. Our core business has over a decade of experience sourcing and producing exotic skins, which we also provide at fair wholesale prices for sampling and production.

We take 100% responsibility for our workmanship and we do not vouch for others’ materials or skins. We only work from the luxury materials we have produced and/or sourced that are provided from our parent company.

Pre-Purchasing Material for This Season or Next Season’s Production

Many of our customers are experienced designers who place production orders at seasonal buying times to get discounts on exotic skins. From there, they will take orders from their skins they purchase and inventory and ship back to our workshop for fabrication.

While we keep “good stock” of sampling inventory, we cannot always guarantee we will have exactly what it is you want in the quantity you need or are attempting to take orders on. Exotic skins are a volatile commodity with seasonal fluctuations and annual quotas affecting both availability and pricing. In rare cases, we have experienced replacement orders exceeding 90 days and prices increasing as much as 75% depending on industry demand.

Leftovers After Production

When production is finished, we calculate total time and take a detailed video of all finished products for approval prior to submitting your balance invoice. We will also return all scraps and leftover material along with your finished products. NOTE: When purchasing finished bags not made from scratch via PO, we do not ship any leftovers or scrap material.

Retail vs Wholesale

We do not compete with our wholesale clientele. We provide retail purchasing as not every client desires to invest in production orders to resale. Our retail price point is in line with brick-and-mortar retail pricing despite our online presence. The marketplace is vast and worrying about competition is unnecessary and counter-productive. Spend your energy marketing, developing original designs and consider production orders of special colors and finishes to make your line unique and differentiate yourself from your actual competition.

Contact Us Today – (800) 810.1988 Ext. 104

We proudly produce all items in our American workshop. All of our artisans are Americans with 15 years of experience in the production of luxury goods specializing in the construction of full exotic skin bags and SLGs and are therefore paid accordingly at American artisan living wages. If you expect the best, you must have realistic expeditions about paying for the best.