Production Inquiries

If you know what you want and ready to purchase skins, samples or finished products, click here for online points of sale. We have ready-to-ship skins from 1-49 skins per color/finish.

If you have already seen what we stock and you are interested in purchasing special/colors or finishes, please keep reading:

Rojé offers special colors and finishes from every species of exotic skins in the marketplace. Typical production orders are 30-60 days after submitting your swatches. We require a deposit to get started and balance after completion with a picture/video confirmation.

Please tell us specifically the types of skins, cuts, and colors with references to Pantone codes or links to existing colors or products already in the marketplace that you’re interested in. So that we can assist you as professionally and quickly as possible, be very specific and give us details about your current or upcoming project with pattern sizes and number of skins needed.

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