Stingray – Mauve – Caviar Finish

Roje Leather

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Product Description

  • Species: Stingray (dasyatis)
  • Appendix; Non CITES
  • Finish: Caviar
  • Color:  Mauve

Item was formerly known as ssb8, ssbk10, ssbk15

Rojé stingray skins are among the softest available in the exotic leather industry; our skins are tanned with a proprietary blend of tanning formulas and oils for the softest, most pliable stingray skins with the most prominent diamond-shaped crowns.

Our colors are vibrant, without any of the green or yellow hues that can often be seen when the hides are improperly tanned with inferior chemicals and oils.

Stingray is a highly versatile leather and Rojé; offers the largest revolving stock of stingray colors, finishes and sizes available.

Since we are vertical with manufacturing private label in house at our workshop 25 feet from our showroom in Denver, CO; we tend to stock only the rarest most practical sizes for limitless projects.  

We have proudly assist our clients in the production of luxury furniture, handbags, accessories, and wall covering veneers.

Standard finished stingray hides are minimally altered or polished from their natural feel and appearance; they feature the smooth stippled bumps (or beads) with a signature diamond shape in the center made up of a calcium deposit or cluster.

Shagreen we fully polish 50% for for a flat surface while the holograms tend to be closer to the standard finish with less than 20% polishing so the foil adheres correctly.

*Note that all exotic skins are a commodity, and as such, all of our leathers are subject to availability – Displayed from current stocked inventory shipped the same day if ordering before 3pm mountain standard time.


Sizing for Stingray Hides

 Every stingray skin has two breathing hole cuts from the upper section; these holes and the space between them are not considered in the grading of the finished skin. Stingray skin size is determined by measuring the widest area below these two breathing holes.

The most common size for a stingray skin used in leather production is approximately 11 inches. The wider the skin, the more rare it is; the largest skins used in production are around 15 inches.

These extra large skins amount to only 5% of all wild-caught rays, with wing spans of 12 feet while swimming,most suppliers can not stock and or fill large orders of this size.


Production Orders

With a reasonable production minimum, Rojé; can produce new customized prints and colors for clients who are past the sampling phase of their project and ready for production. We currently have 100,000 stingray skins available in crust, ready to apply any Pantone® color or an image you would like printed onto the skins within 30-45 days. Give us a call if you or old school and prefer to chat with a English speaking person (Russian and Spanish also available)  800-810-1988 or if you are more nu-school


Some Random Facts (Because if you have gotten this far you prefer more than images)

 Most people do not realize that stingrays are a type of fish. All stingrays are equipped with a long, flexible whip-like tail that feature spines with a barb-like hook. When threatened, a stingray can unleash a poisonous attack that is as painful and dangerous as a snake bites.

Stingrays are commonly found in warm bottoms of shallow parts of the ocean and bays. Our stingray is the non-threatened and non-endangered dasyatis species and is often a source of food in many regions of Southeast Asia.

Ever eaten a larger than average size scallop? Changes are it was actually stingray meat. The texture and taste is almost identical so XL scallops are more often than not circular cut stingray meat marketed and sold as giant scallops, note sear quickly with butter and salt and pepper, as well as wrap with pre-cooked bacon as “scallops” cook much quicker than bacon. 

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