Shark – Cognac – Matte

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Product Description


  • Species: Shark (prionace glauca)
  • Cut: H-Shape
  • Thickness:4-5oz (1.6-2.2mm)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Cognac
  • Size: 5 square foot


Item was formerly known SHBW


Black Fin shark originates from the Caribbean Sea. Due to the Chinese dinners insatiable and unsustainable appetite for shark fin soup; black fin shark is in the process of being added to the endangered species list with appendix 2 classification. Therefore, what used to be an inexpensive exotic leather is no longer an affordable option.

Matte Finish

Matte Finish is also referred to as saddle, aniline, and desert finishes tanned with chrome agents and is the oldest and most popular of all reptile finishes. Some are true matte others are finished with waxes to give additional sheen.

 About Shark Skin & Legalities

Shark skin is renowned for its course texture and prominent grains. Shark skin is prized for this quality; the finer varieties are used for shoes, handbags and other leather items. Our shark skins are tanned with extra oils to give them a softer, garment-grade feel and have the thickness and coarseness that can be accentuated by skiving to a nubuck or suede finish by applying a high-grit sandpaper.

Our sharks are wild and the quality of their skin is a direct reflection of their harsh natural environment; 

Legalities and Conservation

Rojé stocked shark skins come from soon to be endangered highly regulated with CITES. Our skins originate from the Caribbean waters and are most often the by-products of fishing villages and international cuisine.



  • Weight: 1 lb

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