Lizard – BC – Black – Matte

Roje Leather

$75.00 - $240.00



Product Description

  • Species: Lizard (varanus salvator)
  • Cut; Back Cut
  • Thickness:  1-2oz – 0.4-0.8mm
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Black

Item was formerly known as l002



lizard skins have recently become very popular with European Fashion Houses driving up the price due to popularity. We only hand select and import from Europe flawless grade 1 skins for our clients luxury production, and ship to our clients with there own workshops.  



Lizard skins are measured at their widest center belly. Larger skins without defects which we consider flawless are easier to obtain from other suppliers up to size 28cm. Most handbag production unless from several previous seasons micro bag sizes require 35-42cm so you will notice a jump in the per cm price after 34cm do to demand. 


Sourcing of Lizard Skin

All of our lizard skins are legally imported from Europe  in some of the most vibrant colors and finishes from European Tanneries not Asian Tanneries, or any other local tannery that imports air dried crispy crust to rehydrate and color. There are no captive breeding farms of lizard at this time as the meat is eaten by locals in South East Asia and Africa where are skins originate from. 


Legalities and Conservation

Our lizard skins are protected by US Fish and Wildlife regulations and CITES Appendix II. Our lizard skins are sourced from  sustainable hunting programs and crawl out their lives on their bellies in the wild with naturally shorter legs, thus making larger sized skins without defects extremely rare. 


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