Hippo – Chocolate

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Product Description

Common name: Hippopotamus, Large Hippo
Scientific nameHippopotamus amphibius
Distribution: Africa
CITES listing: Appendix II (16/02/1995)


Hippopotamus leather is a rare exotic leather imported from Africa. The grain is very unique and stands out from other exotic skins. Hippo has a natural semi suede texture which resembles cracks, or knife slits in clay  Hippopotamus are aggressive towards each other and during mating males show dominance and once the bull proves himself some serious aggressive trashing, biting, and mounting occurs. Lions might get the tile as the king however hippos rack up more human deaths in Africa than all other game animals combined. With aggression comes scaring and is part of the story told in the animals skin when roaming the marsh of Africa and is shown in its leather. The scaring is unique to each panel we ship and shouldn’t be cut around rather celebrated and centered on your patterns.  Hippos are not boring cows that stand, eat, and shit rather are aggressive semi aquatic mammals that produce one of the most unique leathers. Hippo panels are split at the tannery down to about 2.5 mm or 6 oz. 

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