Genuine Zebra Skin (Non-Felt) Trophy Grade A

Roje Leather




Product Description

  • Species: Zebra (equus burchelli)
  • Style: Rug
  • Grade: A Grade – Trophy
  • Color: Natural Colors
  • Average: Width between front legs: 74″
    Belly width: 58″
    Length without tail: 85″
    Length with tail: 110″

we cannot ship this product to a California address. (why not?)

Our beautiful Burchell zebra skins from South Africa are trophy grade (minimal scarring and blemishes). Each hide has a groomed neck mane as well as a groomed tail, leaving no question that it is indeed genuine zebra.

These Zebra skins have no felt backing, making it perfect for production such as furniture or upholstery where a more pliable hide is needed. If you are looking for a ready to use rug with felt backing applied, click here.

Zebra are often misrepresented as being pure white and black. Genuine zebra hides are more realistically a creme/tan color with dark brown to black stripes. Each striped pattern is unique to the animal and no two zebra will have the exact same striped pattern. Our species of zebra, equus burchelli, features wider, unsymmetrical stripes from head to tail.

Burchell Zebra are common animals on the African continent and legal in the United States to both sell and own. Zebra are wild animals that have some natural scarring and blemishes; we inspect and hand-pick the best hides for our rugs.

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