Genuine Lizard Skin – FC Glazed Finish With Natural Markings

Roje Leather

$65.00 - $175.00



Product Description

  • Species: Lizard (varanus salvator)
  • Style: Belly Skin
  • Finish: Glazed Natural
  • Color: Natural

Item was formerly known as l002


Ring Lizard
Cites: Yes – Appendix II
Origins:Indonesia (Java)

Lizard skin has a stippled texture and intricate miniature tiles with pliability that allows for many versatile uses. Lizard is a thin leather (0.4 – 0.9mm) yet is not prone to tearing, making them a fantastic option for hand-stitching applications and upholstery. Our lizard varanus salvator skins have been used for boots, handbags, watch straps, belts and more recently, they have become a popular skin in the European market for iPhone and smart phone cases.

One notable factor with lizard is the variety of colors and options; Rojé features over 50 unique styles of tanned lizard hide in both solid (bleached) colors and non-bleached hides with prominent natural patterns.


Lizard hides are measured at their widest point across the abdomen. Rojé standard lizard sizing allows for distinct sizes from Medium to XXL. This width measurement is the determining factor for the rarity and price. For example, an XXL Grade 1 hide is exponentially more rare and thus more valuable than a medium width hide. Here is how we rate our standard sizes for lizard:

Note that all exotic skins are a commodity, and as such, all of our leathers are subject to availability.

Know the width you need before making a purchase. We want you to have a smooth and hassle-free experience shopping with us. Our staff have over a decade of experience in working with exotic leathers; if you are not sure which size or quantity of skins you need for your project, contact us prepared with the measurements of your pattern so we can assist you with obtaining the right amount of material.


Legalities and Conservation:

Our lizard skins are protected by US Fish and Wildlife regulations and CITES Appendix II. All of our lizard skins are legally imported from Indonesia or South America and inspected by us prior to shipping to you.

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