Elephant Skin – Matte – Black

Roje Leather

$920.00 - $4,750.00



Product Description

  • Species: Elephant (loxodonta africana)
  • Style: Panel
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Black

 we cannot ship this product to a California address. (why not?)

Elephant skins are a thick leather with course, wrinkled textures. Our elephant: loxodonta africana skins are imported only from Zimbabwe which are 100 % legally imported and follow the strict requirements of the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species (CITES) permits as well as federal, state and other International laws.

Sizing for Elephant Hides

Elephant skins are tanned and sold as a “panel” of varying sizes often cut into smaller panels from full or 30 sqft rectangle sections up to 100 inches in length perfect for a high yield belt production. Because of limited legal supply, all of our cut or full panels are priced by usable square foot with discounts based on volume. Cutting a 30 sqft panel into smaller pieces requires work and risk and most suppliers dont offer this. In order for Rojé to supply small scale artisans and hobbyist we need to charge more for smaller square cuts reducing the preferred and marketable rectangle shape.  If you know you will use a full panel over time please consider ordering a full panel or take advantage for even better pricing by ordering several panels for the best price. Keep scrolling to bottom of this page for additional assistance with getting the best price on all your leathers. 

For those who have never worked with elephant leather before, please note that the deepest grains unique to elephant leather make for a much thicker skin which can not be skived or thinned passed 1.2mm, if your project requires less than 1.2mm such as in pool cue wraps consider smoother sections of elephant which we carry in limited supply. All panels purchased from Rojé have been inspected prior to shipping; any holes or scars in the hide will be communicated with you prior to shipping so you can be certain the usable area will work for your pattern.

Our staff have over a decade of experience in working with exotic leathers; if you are not sure which size or quantity of skins you need for your project, contact us with the measurements of your pattern so we can assist you with obtaining the right amount of material.

Legalities and Conservation

Elephant Skin loxodonta africana are legally traded in the United States. All elephant hides we trade comply with US Laws and CITES Appendix II. Elephants are territorial by nature and conservation efforts in Zimbabwe and game reserves throughout Africa that participate in hunting programs have been overwhelmingly successful in recent decades. The government and independent biologists sanctions hunts to ensure the herds do not reach destructive, unproductive numbers that endanger the lives of the elephants existing in these parks, and to prevent them from becoming overly aggressive and endangering the lives of humans.

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