Alligator – FB. Ombre – Millennium

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Product Description

  • Species: alligator mississippiensis
  • Cut: Belly
  • Finish: Millennium
  • Thickness: 3oz – 1.2-1.4mm
  • Color: Blue Fissure Ombre 
  • Size 35/36cm



Millennium is a modern process of producing a shiny finish on alligator skins. The shortcomings of the classic glazed finish such as the finish sugaring or splintering from bending the skin in the wrong direction; with the only way to correct is to run back through a glazing jack. Not all workshops have tanning jacks on site. And during the leather craft process once the skin is cut and mounted on any substrate or reinforcement forgot about running that cut back through a tanning jack to remove the splinters or cracks on the finish. Millennium finish alligator skins are easy to spot as both the front and back leg pits have been crescent shape cut. The cutting is necessary to remove excess wrinkles to create a flat skin that can run through the heated rolling machine to apply several coats of resin. As advancements in millennium technology progress, we now stock the shiniest millennium finish possible. Why settle for older standard millennium finish alligator skins which are duller and at best have a soft glow.  Millennium finish alligator skins can be turned, bent, and flipped right side out carefully with experienced and gentle hands. Due to the process of millennium being applied with heat most creases or surface splintering can be removed even after mounted to reinforcement materials. 

Fashion, even within the luxury sector, is becoming ever faster. Why take a risk going into production with excessive wait times known for delays due to customs, fish and wildlife inspections, or local tanneries bumping you for larger clients? Our goal in offering such a variety of colors and finishes is to streamline and simplify the entire process of you seeing a color/finish that is close to what you or your client wants and to ship the same business day. The allure of exotic skins is their uniqueness, why invest in more minimum order production than you need or have orders for, then wait who knows how long to receive skins you have not even seen in the finished state? If you value your time and sanity and prefer to receive your alligator skins quickly to deliver to your client quickly then it is possible to have something like yesterday.  

These skins were farmed raised at one of several European contracted farms, tanned in Europe, imported under CITES into the U.S. to exclusively offer Same day U.S. shipping for U.S. shipping address only for orders placed before 3PM Mountain Time Zone.



Grading of alligator skin is very subjective. Each tannery and supplier in the United States has their own quality standard with some grading all the way down to shit or grade 5 or 6. We keep it simple grade 1 Flawless and at a strict European standard.

We don’t bother investing in 1000’s of skins at a significant discount to come up with less than 100 that are fully usable. We only purchase Flawless European grade 1 skins which are personally hand selected then imported to use for client’s production and to ship to designers and manufactures that have their own workshops.

Notice that the skins we ship are 95% usable from throat to tail. This is how luxury buyers for the major European brands purchase. After 20 years of buying and selling exotic skins what we stock, use for client’s production and ship is exactly what you see on your screen. 

Having produced finished products for 12 years and thousands of exotic skins bags and accessories its surprising pleasant to work with the highest-grade alligator skins available. Imagine making products from wide upper alligator tails (because most lower alligator tails have excessive lift between the scales) that looks as good as from the center cut belly. 

Factor farmed raised wider tail production into the costs of your products you produce and then rethink buying lower grades which typically have much narrower tails that come from wild harvests (“because all the best grades go to Europe”) 

Calcium “buttons” or ossification typically running through the belly and up through the throat/neck are indicative of wild alligator skins usually sourced from Florida. Buttons are disgusting and alligator skins that contract this disease are not worth the cost of tanning them. We will never purchase these skins and inventory them and try to pass them off as normal. We let other suppliers sell those to inexperienced buyers. 


You get what you pay for. Often the price of something usually equals its quality (especially cheap things are often of low quality). Why cut corners if you are considering using alligator skins for your line or project? The most important distinction between price and value is the fact that price is arbitrary, and value is fundamental.

Considering these same alligator skins, we hand select and import are sold between €25-€35 per cm in the European marketplace makes what appears to be expensive in actuality a great value for those manufacturing luxury products here in the U.S. or any country.

Every notice that larger U.S. based brands which offer exotic skins products are made in Europe? Example Ralph Lauren took a equity position in one of the largest exclusive alligator and crocodile U.S. tanneries yet users European alligator and crocodile skins for their production. 


Sourcing and Sizing of Alligator Skins


We stock and ship the finest American alligator skins, available only in flawless grade 1, unless stated otherwise, with a noticeable price difference. 

American Alligator (alligator mississippiensis) from uncrowded European contracted American farms – Tanned in Europe – matte, millennium, metallic, garment, classic glazed finished in belly and hornback, with sizes ranging between 32 – 59cm.

Alligator skins are valued by measuring (horizontally) at its widest point across the abdomen. Like carat sizing with diamonds, the width of a hide is the considering factor for determining the rarity and price of a finished skin. For example, a 47cm Flawless Grade 1 skin is exponentially rarer not having defects and thus more valuable than a 32cm. 



Legalities and Conservation

Our stocked American alligator skins are protected by US Laws and CITES Appendix II. They are legally traded, bought and sold in the United States and most countries abroad with the proper paperwork. 

We do not offer low-cost Appendix 1 Freshwater Siamese often mislabeled as alligator skins from Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia; this species has trade restrictions that make this species illegal for import, possess, or manufacture in the United States, even with export CITES paperwork.

Always know the source of the exotic skins to ensure the paperwork is correct, then double check the trade restriction before believing those in 3rd world countries trying to get a sale regardless of if they know you are committing criminal actions – rest assured with Rojé you are only getting legal skins at fair market prices that comply with all laws and regulations.



We want you to have a smooth and hassle-free experience shopping with us. Our staff have 20 years of experience in working with exotic leathers; if you are not sure which size or quantity of skins you need for your project, contact us prepared with the measurements of your pattern so we can assist you with obtaining the right amount of material.

In addition, look at our sizing charts and have realistic expectations. Always give yourself a bit of seam allowance and wiggle room. Several successful designers actually send us their patterns to keep on file so as skins come in we can notify them. With smaller bags being popular and having 95% of the skin usable, our clients can produce luxury handbags using just 1 skin. 

See our conversion charts if you need to convert between inches/cm for the width or material thickness.

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