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Anti-PETA Video Theater

Anti-PETA Video Theater – Rojé Exotic Leather

The use of animal products date back into the ancient times. The Japanese used the strongest stingray leathers for their armor. The Native Americans depended on every part of the buffalo to sustain their tribes. In the animal trade, Rojé still holds that same inherent respect of nature, a genuine love and humble appreciation of all of Earth’s creatures. After all, our business is dependent on the sustainability of the world’s habitats and the species that live in them.

There are many others who share a compassion for animals. Sadly, for some, their compassion is often naive and so detached from nature it is being used as a tool for political empowerment and junk activism. Like other animal-dependent industries, Rojé has been a victim of unwarranted provoking and attempted vandalism from brainwashed individuals who claim to be members of the United States-based animal rights group known as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Pro-activist organizations, by definition of “activism”, are prone to act in a direct and confrontational manner. Because of this, they are often disputed against and must be watchdogs of their reputation. Official members of PETA discovered our Anti-PETA page and claimed that our statements were defamatory, sending us the below:

Rojé has changed this Web page to comply, stating that the individuals CLAIMED TO BE members of PETA, which is the absolute truth.

Rojé Exotic Leather thanks PETA for the help.

When Rojé was first harassed by animal rights activists who claimed to be members of PETA, we began reading about the organization, curious and fascinated with its influential ideologies. We began asking small/medium business owners within the industry if they have been harassed by anyone who claimed to be affiliated with PETA – and to our amazement, every one said yes.

PETA could be an organization with good intentions. The individuals who claimed to be affiliated with the organization PETA may have had good intentions. But no matter how good the intentions, it does not mean good decisions. We must always question our decisions to act and the purpose to so. We don’t all agree, but the World’s people desire one thing above all else: Peace. We hope, and hope that PETA agrees, that in the future, animal-rights activists who come to us will be more open-minded and civil.

We invite you to watch the video below which discusses People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in an entertaining and educational way.

Anti-PETA Penn & Teller: “Bullshit!” Episode

Comedians, magicians, and Libertarian activists Penn and Teller created a television program of their popular show “Bullshit!” (below) to expose PETA. This video postulates that the ideology and influence of PETA has encouraged vandalism and violence to further an agenda against farmers, medical advancement, and animal products, in which valuable materials from around the world would simply be wasted. This video is not for anyone offended by strong language.