From Phantom of the Deep to Fall Fashion, Ecologically Low Impact Exotic Stingray Leather Ascends to High Fashion in the U.S.A.

Primordial and predator resistant stingray has just risen from winged phantom of the deep to high fashion. The exotic beauty and primitive power of these ancient, mysterious creatures just recently surfaced in the United States. And remarkably, these products are environmentally and internationally friendly. The exotic leather goods for men and women — stingray leather wallets, stingray leather belts, stingray leather handbags, stingray leather briefcases, stingray leather accessories, and much more — are an international business venture originating in Asia but developed by a new American company, Rojé, which handles all of the design, marketing and distribution. The project benefits the rural Southeast Asian economy and its people – fishermen, manufacturers and related workers, without threatening these 200 million year old evolutionary wonders of the sea. Stingrays remain abundant, free living populations. These are not captive bred farms, a practice commonly used in producing other exotic leathers. Rojé’s stingrays are only caught for food, a significant source of protein for the local people. The skins, unbelievably tough and difficult to work with, are merely a by-product and would normally be wasted. But Rojé’s Thai manufacturer and skilled craftsmen convert these durable, puncture and water resistant skins into very useful and attractive exotic leather goods — for the benefit of an international community of people. Background and Stingray Leather History – Since ancient times the mystique of the stingray has captivated overseas artisans believing the mysterious beauty and power (25 times stronger than cowhide) could be transmitted into their craft. Egyptians and their pharaohs, Han warriors and Shogun Samurai all recognized the skin’s life protecting durability by using them for armor as well as decoration. Other craftsmen through the ages valued the stingray’s beauty and fashioned many fashionable commodities from the skin. The owner of such commodities is reputed to be the beneficiary of the stingray’s primitive strength, power, longevity and mythical good fortune. Rojé Leather represents this by inscribing the Chinese “good luck” character inside all of the products. Now, you may be in luck. Rojé stingray leather is debuting now in various boutiques in the United States and a website,, is available for more background. But these goods really are in limited supply due to the relative availability of stingray within the Asian fishing market. And the distributor may just lurk into deeper, more lucrative channels. So make the most of this opportunity to catch a glimpse...

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Who is Rojé?

Who is Rojé?

Rojé Group is a professional exotic leather brokerage with a world-wide reputation among exotic leather connoisseurs and dealers for our wide array of exotic leathers and leather products, our ability to provide the highest quality, and our dedication to providing the most affordable wholesale prices. We only purchase and sell the best quality exotic leather available. Our leather experts comb the globe to provide you with only the best exotic leather products. We have tanneries and partners stretching across the world for exotic leather wholesale, custom leather fashion, and furniture development. By trusting in our expertise, we can source you with the highest quality leather goods and services at incredibly competitive prices. Timing is Everything – Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. All Rojé products are imported into the United States prior to being sold domestically. Rojé customers know that every genuine exotic leather hide we choose has been hand-inspected by our experts. Only those materials that meet our industry-exceeding standards are accepted. We understand that as a business owner you are concerned with your time as well as your money. Manufacturing exotic leather goods can be a difficult process if you are not accustomed to working within the industry and unfamiliar with the laws, regulations, taxes, and the steps necessary to get the materials best for you. We have years of experience in doing just that; we strive to make sure each and every customer in our global family of wholesale customers can rely on receiving their exotic leathers when they need them. Rojé experts are experienced in working with designers around the globe. We satisfy our most discriminating customers with the highest quality leathers, personalized service and unbeatable wholesale pricing thanks to our flexible scheduling and multilingual staff. Breaking down language barriers is critical to getting what you need with no surprises. Regardless of timezone or culture, Rojé has the global presence needed to secure you the best materials for your trade, craft, or...

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Do you ship to my country?

Every shipment with exotic skins, that leaves USA requires USFW inspection and/or CITEs export/re-export certificate.

For our international buyers we have NO minimum order requirements as long as all Fish and Wildlife fees and international shipping are covered by the recipient.

  1. NON-CITES species including: stingray, shark, ostrich, zebra and eel.
    • USFW inspection is $93.00/shipment
    • Paperwork processing $120.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver
  2. CITES species such as: Caiman, Nile Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, American Alligator, lizard and python. Fees:
    • USFW inspection $186.00/shipment
    • CITES certificate $75.00 for re-export and $100.00 for export (alligator only)
    • Paperwork processing $150.00/shipment
    • International shipping via UPS expedited or UPS saver

    On average NON-CITES shipment will cost in $320.00 in fees and shipping, CITES shipment on average $650.00/shipment in fees.

    Customers that can order $5000.00 minimum for CITEs shipment or $2500.00 for NON CITEs are NOT charged for Fish and Wildlife fees.

Please contact if you ready to place an order or if you have any questions.

In addition, we will NOT ship to any US forwarding company that is not authorized to process Fish and Wildlife shipments. To insure that all rules and regulations are followed we process all international shipments in house or will send skins ONLY to US authorized licensed customs broker with an active USFW permit.